Teen Theatre Fest

The Teen Theatre Fest is an international theatre biennial festival primarily aimed at young audiences. It emerged as a natural demand to map and reflect on theatrical practices focused on genre fusions and overlaps, filling gaps in youth-oriented creation.

Thanks to this dramaturgical profile, it becomes a unique festival of its kind in Slovakia. It brings progressive and inclusive theatrical forms – from modern drama, through performance, to movement theatre. The festival is organized by the Ján Palárik Theatre in Trnava, which proudly acknowledges its roots. The former Theatre for Children and Youth in Trnava not only started a tradition of unique performances for young audiences but also initiated the international festival Theatre for Children. Currently, Teen Theatre Fest is organized by Ján Palárik Theatre in collaboration with local, regional, cultural and educational organizations: Creative Centre Trnava, Cultural Centre Malý Berlín, Nádvorie - space for contemporary culture, Alegria – Dance and movement studio , Ján Koniarek Gallery in Trnava, Juraj Fándly Library, Experience Zaži v Trnave – City Cultural Centre, Trnava Region, the city of Trnava, and the Trnava Self-Governing Region and the Law Faculty of Trnava University in Trnava.

At the first year of TTF, you can look forward to:

  • 8 performances from top theatres from Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Ukraine, and Germany
  • Concerts, discussions, a young critics seminar, performances for families with children, workshops, and exhibitions. 

The main motto, POINT OF VIEW, focuses on topics that particularly resonate in the current social climate. What forms of collective existence do queer people offer? How can we collectively seek joy and energy for utopian imagination? Are we willing to transcend intergenerational conflicts? And how much empathy can we carry towards the victims of ongoing war conflicts? The slogan "my point of view" is not about deepening polarization but accepting opposing views as a fundamental condition of creative freedom. Share yours with us!


Kontakt TTF

Ivica Franeková - výkonná riaditeľka
Adriána Lizoňová – produkcia